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Lords of Ragnarok by Awaken Realms Awaken Realms
Spiritual successor to Lords of Hellas. Innovative dudes on the map Board Game set in unique mix of Nordic mythology and Sci-Fi. Raise magnificent monuments, hunt monsters and fight epic battles!

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
90 min
14 +
area control
Lords of Ragnarok is a spiritual successor to Lords of Hellas (BGG rank top 250 overall) — a 'dudes on the map' Board Game of truly epic proportions. It takes players into the middle of an everlasting conflict in a unique world inspired by Nordic mythology with a Sci-Fi twist. Building upon the established core of Lords of Hellas gameplay, it redefines it with new mechanics and fresh ideas. You will still erect great monuments, hunt monsters, and fight epic battles — but you will also use runes to promote your troops, take control of trolls and other monsters, or get unique perks for alliances with mythical realms.
In this 1-4 player strategic board game, you will lead a unique, asymmetric hero and their army, trying to be the ultimate victor in a war that unfolds over approximately 90-120 minutes. Players will choose from various actions, such as building monuments, hunting monsters, ravaging the lands, gathering armies and artifacts.
Gods will grant you blessings that will heavily impact the game and create a unique combo for each player. On top of all that, special runes will play a significant role in leveling up your armies or earning other bonuses that include control of deadly monsters. There will be a lot of new mechanics and twists, so prepare yourself for fresh, new thematic experience!

Multiple victory conditions will keep players at the edge of their seats until the end of the game, making room for some stunning, carefully planned last-minute reversals!
Lords of Ragnarok is the next major game from Awaken Realms created in collaboration with Adam Kwapiński. Together, we wanted to create a territory control game, that will bring tons of exciting hours of gameplay.

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New Stretch Goals added for free to every pledge will be revealed every 2 days! Follow the updates to take part in shaping them and create together tons of extra content for the game!

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Gameplay add-ons

Cosmetic add-ons

Sundrop prepaint

Core Box and Stretch Goals

Awaken Realms

Over 7 years ago we started as a "true start-up" miniature painting studio painting Warhammer 40 000 models (in the old basement :D). Now, we have grown into a team of 150 people with one simple goal - create the best games in their categories. Games are our passion, always have been - so we take the whole process personal and give everything we can to deliver amazing experience for you all!
Our 3 main company values are passion, inspiration and community - and we try to implement them in everything that we do. We were able to deliver a lot of games already, such us:
Nemesis, The Edge Dawnfall, This War of Mine: TBG, Lords of Hellas, Tainted Grail, Etherfields, Great Wall and more!
We want to be proud from every game that we create, so you can expect us to give tons of effort with every title that we release!

Reviews and gameplay videos

"Slaying monsters, attacking armies, and building gigantic monuments all comes together in a blaze of theme and fun!  Prepare for Ragnarok!" - Tom Vasel, Dice Tower

"I can also see that the experience, the level of design, that here is more advanced than in LoH." - Jesse, Quackalope
"The more I played this one the more I enjoy it (...) I really like it!" BoardGameCo

"With multiple paths to victory, you want to play over and over to leverage different strategies and strengths, while keeping a close eye on your opponents and stopping them from ending the game before you’re ready." - How It Plays

How to play - On Table!

Gameplay highlights

Epic territory control with multiple victory conditions
Deep strategic gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat and provide many turnaround moments. You will have variety of tools at your disposal - your hero, army, drakkar, priests, runes, combat cards and more! You will need to carefully use them to the best of your disposal, trying to achieve one of the 4 victory conditions: Land control, temple control, slaying monsters or Ragnarok.
Control and fight mythical monsters
Monsters in Lords of Ragnarok are adding extra layer, unique for territory control games. You can choose a road of changing your hero into monster-slayer, that will travel through the map and hunt those epic beings and then slay the final enemy - Loki.
On top of that, as a player you will be able to use runes to take control of the monsters and use them to ravage enemy lands or control attacks during monster hunts.

Region control strategy
Controlling certain regions will grant you a lot of perks - the most standard ones, like villages or temples will help you recruit army and priest. But there is many more advance one - rune forges and monuments will grant you runes and special perks. On top of it, you will be able to make alliances with mythical realms that will grant you special rewards every time players will do a certain action.
It is also easier to move your armies around, as now every player will control Drakkar that aids your army in the near region and boost mobility of your troops.
Create your own asymmetric strategy
Every game you will be able to try a different strategy with your asymmetric hero and origin, providing you starting special powers. On top of that, during the game you will draft powerful blessings, receive artifacts and build your hero statistics. On top of that, you will be able to collect runes and combat cards, that will have many different use and can create powerful combos.

Miniatures highlights

Lords of Ragnarok will be created with all the care and attention to details possible. Since Lords of Hellas we have learned A LOT about miniatures production and other game components. We are able to create much better designs that brings out details and thanks to the mixture of soft and hard plastic, miniatures will not bent or brake. Assembling and disassembling of miniatures will be also much easier.

On top of that, if you will opt in for our Sundrop prepaint, you can expect even more detail thanks to our special pre-shading that we have pioneered in Board Game industry. Extra layer of paints will bring out all the details and will be a great, economic option for people who do not have time to paint themselves.


Risks and challenges

We are confident about the delivery of the game and there is no risk in that area - we have accumulated vast experience working on other titles and projects and big track record. Even during one of the worst global supplies chain crisis we continued to deliver our games. The only risk factor, which can always happen, is a delay in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances or prolonged development.

Please note that this is not a pre-order and the final product might slightly change in the process or get delayed. We are fully devoted to creating an amazing experience and you can trust us that every choice we make will only be aimed at improving the standard of the final product.

Game and all components will be produced in China and will be up to the highest quality standards that we hold for our previous games.

Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign you can freely modify or cancel the order. Gamefound only collects your payment at the end of a successfully funded campaign.

After the campaign, if you would like to resign from a part of your pledge or cancel your order, you can contact our customer support team and request a partial refund or cancel order. We offer 91% no-question asked refund (9% goes toward payment processing, Gamefound and administrative fees).

If you receive the game and any component will be damaged / missing, our customer service upon contact will be happy to send replacement.