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Lords Of Hellas by Awaken Realms Awaken Realms
Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game.
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City of Steel

ENGLISH language version This expansion pack lets you add another player to the game, expands map and adds new upgrade mechanic to the game.

Product description

In City of Steel expansion pack you can join the fight as Hector, legendary hero of Troy. It will also give you opportunity to hunt two new monsters - Satyr and Arachne, get on 3 new quests, upgrade your armies and conquer Troy itself!
This pack expands number of possible players to 5 (6 with Lost City expansion pack).


  • a new Hero - Hector and his hero board
  • 15 new Hoplites
  • 4 new Priests
  • map add-on (27x54 cm)
  • Wall of Troy plastic terrain
  • 2 plastic cities
  • 18 upgrade tokens
  • 15 plastic control tokens
  • 9 hero tokens

Please keep in mind that this expansion will be delivered during WAVE 2 of shipment!

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 “Something that is pretty cool and this game does well is that monster fight...it gets pretty epic!"

 “The more I play this game, the more I love it. It absolutely is a phenomenal game” 
The McGuire review  (+ additional components spotlight and prototype give-away!) 

“Monuments are absolutely stunning, they just dominate the board once they are up there”

 "It doesn’t feel like just area control, because there is so many different end game conditions”