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Lords Of Hellas by Awaken Realms Awaken Realms
Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game.
This product cannot be purchased separately.
Retailer's pledge: Core Box
Retailer's pledge: Core Box
Retailer's pledge: Core Box
Retailer's pledge: Core Box
Retailer's pledge: Core Box
Retailer's pledge: Core Box

Retailer's pledge: Core Box

This is six copies of the core game, with all unlocked stretch goals included in six copies. You get 10% discount over buying six copies separately!

Product description

This pledge consists of:

Miniatures: 768
Cards: 1494
Other components: ~1200

6x Core Box (90 miniatures, 132 cards, ~160 other components) 
6x Pandora's Box (????)
6x Alternative Map on reverse
6x Additional Heroes: Odysseus, Cassandra, Cleito
6x Additional Monsters: Typhon, Chiron, Siren, Python, Cetus
6x Additional Monuments: Poseidon, Hades, Hephaestus, Kronos
6x Secret Envelope
6x Lords of Underworld expansion pack (Hades monument, 6 Warriors of Hades miniatures, 10 cards, 6 other components)
6x Lost City expansion pack (5th player army, priest and hero - Cleito, map add-on, 10 cards, Colossus miniature and new mechanics)
6x Kronos Rebellion expansion pack (players vs. player game mode, Kronos miniature, 40 cards)
6x Warlord box with plastic insert for storing all of the stretch goals

Keep in mind that game can be shipped in two waves! (recommended)
WAVE 1: Core Box, Terrain expansion and Sundrop technique-painted miniatures
WAVE 2: all other stretch goals, painted miniatures

Shipping of product is estimated for November 2017 (first wave) and around April 2018 (second wave). Language versions will ship 3 months later. Those estimations might change.

Upon providing valid EU VAT number we will refund you 23% VAT.

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 “Something that is pretty cool and this game does well is that monster fight...it gets pretty epic!"

 “The more I play this game, the more I love it. It absolutely is a phenomenal game” 
The McGuire review  (+ additional components spotlight and prototype give-away!) 

“Monuments are absolutely stunning, they just dominate the board once they are up there”

 "It doesn’t feel like just area control, because there is so many different end game conditions”