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The Edge Dawnfall 1.6 by Awaken Realms Awaken Realms
Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.
This project does not accept any more orders at this time.
2x Upgrade box
2x Upgrade box

2x Upgrade box

It's a pledge for initial 1.0 Edge Dawnfall Pledge backers - This pledge contains DOUBLE Stretch goals box with all unlocked Stretch goals (New content + upgrade components)

Product description

Important: This is a product for returning backers!
If you don't have a Dawnfall box from The Edge Dawnfall 1.0 look in the "Pledges" Section of this Pledge Manager

This Upgrade Box contains DOUBLE all unlocked stretch goals from the 1.6 Kickstarter:

2x :

The Cavalry! With action and squad cards:
  • Two models of Holy Knight Cavalry
  • Three models of Succubus
  • One model of Rha-Zack jumpsuit
  • One model of Faceless Cavalry
  • Two models of Dvergar Cavalry
  • One model of Reborn Cavalry

Tournament Mode, play two games at once with a single Warchest
  • 4x Cardboard crystal source
  • 16x Endurance tokens

Shrines and Banners
  • 7x New banner cards
  • 7x Shrine cards
  • Shrine reverse alternative art

The World Eater!
  • Full new campaign with new exciting scenarios
  • World Eater miniature

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