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The Edge Dawnfall 1.6 by Awaken Realms Awaken Realms
Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.
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Story Bundle

Story Bundle

Boundle of story-related items: Comic book 'The First of us", Story book "Battle for Eld-Hain" and "Dawnfall' art-book.

Product description

"The First of us" Comic Book print telling a story of Brick and Sir Ebert - explain lore behind the conflict of human and demons

Dawnfall Artbook Best art (2D and 3D) from the Dawnfall universe together with a story pieces and inspirational sketches

Battle for Eld-Hain story book laying groundwork for The Edge universe, mainly focusing on Chapter and Demons conflict, but providing additional information on other factions.

We have invited one of the best Polish fantasy story-writers to create set of stories that will introduce the world of The Edge from different perspective. Set of stories will be published in Poland, so you can expect a very high quality of text!

This add on is available in English only!

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