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Prime Shadow
Prime Shadow

Prime Shadow

Additional miniature for the Darkness Faction!

Product description

This is an additional miniature for the Darkness Faction, and it works in PvP!

If you are a 24h backer (backer number below 4234), you don't need to add this item to your cart.

It will be manually added to your package before shipping, and it will not be visible in your cart/order.

If you are a 24h backer this item will be added to each of the core games in your order.

If you're not sure how to check your backer number, or have any other questions about this product, let us know!

More info

Prime Shadow FAQ:

Q: How do I know if i qualify for Prime Shadow?
A: We have exported all backer numbers that qualify and we can confirm that all backers with number 4234 or lower qualify for free Prime Shadow.

Q: Where can I check my Backer Number?
A: It will show on your Kickstarter confirmation e-mail, and on your Kickstarter account.

Q: If I order more Warchests how many Prime Shadows will I get?
A: If you are a 24h Backer (backer number under 4234) you’ll get one free Prime Shadow for each core box/upgrade box you order. So if you order a retailers pledge – you’ll get six Prime Shadows.

Q: Is the Prime Shadow in the All-In Pledge?
A: No. Sorry about that. Prime Shadows are only free for 24h backers, you can however buy them as a separate add-on.

Q: If I pledged in the first 24h for XX and later change that in the pledge manager will I still get the free Prime Shadow?
A: The free Prime Shadow is tied to your backer number, not to your pledge. So as long as you order a core box/upgrade - you'll get a free Prime Shadow



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