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Mini Memory Mischief by Atikin Games Atikin Games
A cute and nerdy mint tin game with a retro pixel style. Just pop it in your pocket and take it with you.

Project overview

Meet Mikro and Chip. Back in the 80s they were brand new and exciting to their tech nerd fans. Now they find themselves in a dusty old box. No one has use for their archaic technology, but they will also never throw them away.
 We can all take a lesson from Mikro and Chip who instead of letting their fate get them down have invented games to play together using their own memory stacks. Rather than worrying about the future they while away their hours playing games and entertaining each other, they’d love to play their favourite game with you - Mini Memory Mischief.
This Kickstarter campaign was to fund "Mini Memory Mischief" the sweet, retro, quite nerdy little mint tin game. It's 2 player and takes about 10-15 minutes to play. In the game players are trying to get letters in alphabetical order on their memory stack. It’s not as easy as it sounds though! The other player can take their chance causing 'mischief' with your stack.
This game is not strictly a 'memory game' - memory is the theme of the game as it is played on Mikro and Chip's internal memory stacks. The game includes dice for luck, player choices using your heart action tokens for strategy, and despite not being a specific memory game does have mechanics that test your own memory (not just the digital kind) and cute little components that fit well in their tiny mint tin home. You can take the game with you as it fits nice and neatly in your pocket.

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Mini Memory Mischief