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Duels of Cartisora by Analog Game Studios Analog Game Studios
⚔️🛡⚔️ A Card-based One-on-one Battle-simulation⚔️🛡⚔️2 Players; 6 Warriors; 15 Possible Asymmetrical Match-Ups ⚔️🛡⚔️

Project overview

Have you wondered how fighters from different times and places would match-up in asymmetrical head-to-head combat?

Ever imagined being one of those warriors?

Find out what it's like when a Knight battles a Samurai in the amazing new card game "Duels of Cartisora", or how a swashbuckler wielding a rapier stacks up against a gladiator with a big axe? How about a rogue armed with 2 Iberian short swords battling a Ranger with spear?
This tabletop card-based game simulates these unique warrior skills and weapons differences in a brilliant shotgun card game for two.

Any fighter can win, it’s all up to you to master the unique skills of your chosen fighter!

In 'Duels of Cartisora', you are one of six warriors from antiquity, fighting a one-on-one battle against another experienced combatant.

Each of your skills and special abilities are different, yet the asymmetrical match-up is completely balanced and any fighter can win; it’s about you and your ability to discover how to apply the right tactics to the situation by reading your opponent’s moves and studying their special abilities.

Some fighters are bold and powerful, others are more defensive and sneaky. Each of the six warriors have their own personality; choose one that you think matches your style or try one that’s out of character for you to find out what that might be like.

This one-on-one combat themed card game relies on hand management, and while the concept of the contest is like a rock-paper-scissors simultaneous action, it's vastly more sophisticated due to the variability of each distinct fighter.

Each game is quick to play, but it takes dozens of games to intuitively master just one character.

There is no luck in this game, just your assessment of each hit and skillful application of your unique abilities.

With six very different warriors in the box, there are a total of 15 different match-ups possible; meaning there are 15 different games to play or battles to fight in creative anachronism.

“Duels of Cartisora” combines science, in the form of diverse character capabilities that are mathematically balanced to perfection, with art that introduces leading-edge creative through digital painting applying layers of abstract lines and textures to the warriors.

Which warrior do you think you’ll want to be? 


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