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Amun-Re - 20th Anniversary Edition by Alley Cat Games Alley Cat Games
Reiner Knizia's multi award winning Amun-Re is BACK with a 20th Anniversary edition. With art from Vincent Dutrait art, 3 expansions and 8 egyptian-god miniatures! Play through the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. Bidding for control of provinces and building great pyramids throughout the land.

Project story

2 - 5
Play time
90 min
14 +
area control
resource management


What's New?


Gameplay Highlights

Gamefound Exclusives


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


2-3 Player Assistant Module

Statues Expansion

Afterlife Expansion

Pharaoh Mini-Expansion

Why Back Now?


How to Play - Base Game

How to Play - Statues

How to Play - Afterlife


Group and Retailer Pledges

The Team

Risks and challenges

Although this is our first venture into Gamefound, Alley Cat Games have funded, and fulfilled, 14 successful projects on other crowdfunding platforms.

As with any project, there is always a risk of delays caused by unexpected events outside of our control. We are dedicated to getting your game to you as quickly as possible and maintaining communication with our backers throughout the process. We will provide updates on average of once a month after the campaign fulfils.

We have provided shipping estimates in the campaign, so that at the time of shipping, we can charge you the most accurate cost of shipping and not need to overestimate to cover this. We will be constantly exploring shipping and fulfilment options to get you the best price for your shipping.

Refunds and cancellation

You may cancel your pledge at any time after the end of the Gamefound campaign* and request a refund. From the end of the campaign until your game is shipped, we will be able to offer 90% refunds as the Gamefound fee will already have been paid.
Refund amounts are subject to being affected by the exchange rate at time of refund if you have pledged with any currency other than GBP.

You can request a refund by emailing us at cs@alleycatgames.com