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Eye of Everywhere 5e by Alan Tucker Alan Tucker
What if… there was a place where magic and technology met… and once there, you could travel to any other world in the multiverse? Welcome to the Eye of Everywhere!

Project story

What is it?
The Eye of Everywhere is a supplement for 5th edition that has been in development for over two years. The Eye itself is a multiverse-spanning portal which is surrounded by a teeming city built on both sides of a thin disk. Thirteen separate factions inhabit and do business in the city, each sanctioned by a mysterious group who runs the Eye known only as the Wardens.

The book will contain a host of player options (new races, subclasses, psion class, and more) as well as detailed dossiers about each faction, including dozens of NPCs and adventure seeds. New monsters and even some full adventures are also planned.

Why Should I Back It?
By supporting the project now, you'll get the finished product immediately upon release and at a lower price than it will list for. Also, you'll receive the current playtest document (over 60 pages of material with races, subclasses, the psion class, and more) as soon as the funding campaign concludes and pledges have been collected.
You Got Your Chocolate in My Peanut Butter!
People often have strong opinions about whether fantasy and scifi belong together, but some of the most popular franchises ever have important elements of both. We thought it was time to bring the two together in a new way for 5th edition. And c'mon, who doesn't love the idea of a raging barbarian with a giant plasma rifle? Or an artificial intelligence who seeks to master the arcane magics?

A Bridge to the Multiverse
Getting tired of adventuring in the same old places but your players want to keep their characters? The Eye of Everywhere can be a fun and interesting bridge to another setting. Or maybe you're like us and have SettingADHD and can't resist the new shiny! The Eye can be your touchstone to tie the whole campaign together and visit all those amazing settings with a single party of characters.

You Want Laser-Sword-Wielding Warriors?
Let's face it: there are lots of versions of mind power classes out there. We wanted something different—something that allowed players to create characters like they've seen in those super popular franchises we mentioned earlier. Mentalists flashing laser swords? Check. Number-named telekeneticists? Check. Life-imbuing aliens who just want to go home? Check. And everything in between! Four distinct disciplines with dozens of new powers and an Int/Con-based framework offer a wealth of opportunities.

Robots and Lizards and Symbiotes, Oh My!
The current playtest document already has seven races/subraces and several more are in the works. Artificial intelligences called techints, three subraces of lizardfolk, a fascinating symbiote (or parasite) race, insectoids, and gelatinous aliens await your character ideas!

To Join, or Not to Join? That is the Question.
The 13 factions in the Eye of Everywhere are its lifeblood and source of conflict and intrigue. The Abettors' League is a mercenary troop which does business in every corner of the multiverse. The Legion of Entropy worship chaos and seek to ultimately rend the fabric of both space and time. The Axiom Organica believes biology is the answer to everything—living computers, living spaceships—and abhor the inorganic. Meanwhile, the Envoys of Sagacity exalt artificial intelligence above all others. The Reticulators feel magic is the key to understanding the multiverse while the Assembly believes the same about technology. And capitalism finds its home in the Halls of Commerce.

Still more factions await you in the Eye—all with additional benefits to entice your players. Detailed backgrounds, goals, and methodology make them come alive for the GM along with locations, NPCs, and adventure seeds to create a rich and compelling campaign.End Product and Fulfillment
We anticipate the final book will be between 150 and 200 pages in length. The current playtest pdf (which you will receive as soon as pledges are collected at the end of funding) is already over 60 pages. The final book will be available in both pdf (at DriveThruRPG) and print forms (from both DriveThruRPG and Amazon, at a later date). Cover image subject to change.

The current playtest PDF will be delivered immediately after the campaign successfully completes and pledges are collected, via a Google Drive link to all backers. The final, full book pdf will be delivered via DriveThruRPG as a free copy to your account.

The hardcover portion of the campaign will be delivered via DriveThruRPG. Backers who pledge for the hardcover will receive an at-cost voucher (at this time we anticipate a print cost in the $25 range) for DriveThruRPG's print-on-demand service and shipping will be added to your order at that time. While going through DriveThruRPG's order checkout; you should be aware of shipping costs for your area.

If you order a signed hardback, shipping will be added to your pledge.

Development: Alan Tucker
Artists: Lamont Cranston, Dean Spencer, Comettant, WarmTail, grandfailure, Corey Stitt, shkyo, innovari, grandeduc, serejkakovalev
Writing & Design: Alan Tucker, Kirsty Kidd, Micah Watt, Yvonne Hsiao
Editing: Linda May


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Risks and challenges

This team has successfully fulfilled crowdfunded projects in the past and has experience in print production as well as writing and game design. We believe the target dates to be well within reach and hope to deliver the finished products early. The main challenge will be production delays from the print-on-demand supplier.

Refunds and cancellation

If, for some reason, the project cannot be delivered before one year past the stated completion date, pledges will be refunded.