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Airships: North Pole Quest 2.0 by Airships Airships
Airships: North Pole Quest will take you back to 1924, the golden years of airships, when nations started aiming for the Arctic, the last inviolate frontier, and for its symbol: the North Pole. Yes, this was about prestige, but also of great opportunities, strategic explorations, and trade routes to be opened.

Project overview

We wanted not to create just an enjoyable and beautiful game, but make it historically speaking, a great homage to an entire Epoque. Nations facing the unknown trusting the progress of technology: ships and icebreakers leave the ports to carry equipment and men towards the developed Arctic bases, immense airships take off, among the ovations from the crowds, darkening the skies. 

We want you to relive the same thrills and challenges, assuming the role of a brave commander responsible for the life of his or her crew. You must balance the sometimes-competing priorities of  political pressures, scientific ambition, and immense expenses, all while dealing with issues that are, literally, “life and death.”   

The atmosphere, the models, the instruments, and the struggles all come from a great Epoque of human history; the attempt to pioneer the skies at a remarkable time when Arctic exploration missions intertwined with competitions, conflicts, politics, technology, onor, and jealousy. No writer or screenwriter would dare offer such an unlikely and complex plot. But what a real life story it is!

If you want to know more about the project, pleas check our Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/airshipsgame/airships-north-pole-quest-the-game-20

info: airshipsgame@mbvision.it

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