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Condition Chips for 5th edition by Airmail Adventures
A set of condition chips for the 5th edition, allowing players and dungeon masters to track their various afflictions with ease!
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Project overview

A set of condition chips will consist of the above 20 chips and bag of holding. The chips are double sided with a clear image of the condition on the front, and the full rules of the condition on the back. Perfect to give to your players to track, or alternatively place under the miniature as a visual reminder.

The chips are 39mm wide, made of ceramic, and have a good heft at 10g per chip. The images have been heat-transferred on to the chip, no stickers! This makes them extra durable and avoids nasty peeling stickers as they age. They have a great feel in the hand and make a very comforting clinking noise as they run through your fingers. In fact, they're so nice you might struggle to give them to your players!

Condition Chips