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Deep Sky Ballad - Space Western TTRPG by A Game of Nerds A Game of Nerds
Deep Sky Ballad is a traditional tabletop role-playing game with a Space Western setting, in which a group of adventurers and vagabonds wander with their spaceship. In their quest for fortune, they face both thousands of challenges and the drama of their bonds

Project story


In a once-united galaxy, war and hatred have taken everything away, leaving only blackened ruins behind. Where once were interstellar nations and an advanced culture, ideology and jealousy have inflamed people souls, dividing them - opposing factions faced each other, while order and security stood against freedom and self-interest. Dissent became conflict, and any reluctance was soon abandoned, until the irreparable happened - an unstoppable force was unleashed, a force that made no distinction between its creators and its adversaries, eliminating all traces of digital technology. It would have destroyed all human knowledge were it not for the desperate action of a few desperate men.

Despite this, humanity survived this catastrophe, albeit enormously weakened. With tenacity and versatility, they have reconstructed part of what they have lost. They charted once again the depths of space, though still isolated and disorganized. With a pioneering spirit, fleets of settlers explored virgin worlds and planets lost to the catastrophe, in search of a place they to call home in what is now a boundless frontier, free from the influence of supraplanetary governments and organizations.

In these skies without laws and obligations posse of adventurers, explorers, fugitives and misfits travel on their spaceships from planet to planet, in search of a future or simply wealth. They face the horrors of the past, the terrors hiding in the drifting ships, in the void and ruins of alien civilizations - or simply the greed and wickedness lurking in their neighbors.

Inspired by legendary settings such as Firefly, Westworld, Trigun or Cowboy Bebop, Deep Sky Ballad is a space western genre ttrpg where the characters play the members of a posse - fortune seekers more or less tightly bound to each other who share their resources and a spaceship in search of purpose or wealth. The game mechanics are based on the Blackjack System, a poker cards based system; it's the same rules system Arcana Familia ttrpg use, and give agency to the player to balance the power and accuracy of an action through what can be considered a subgame.

In addition to the Blackjack System, there are an innovative spaceships combat system and the Hardboiled System. The first is a simple, agile and fast mechanic involving all the players; the Hardboiled System, with which the interactions between the characters of the Posse can create bonds of all kinds, will unlock various game options and unique abilities.

The core book includes:
-The Deep Sky Ballad setting
-The Josian Sector - a set of example solar systems in which to set your chronicles
-Famous organizations and individuals the posse could meet as enemies or allies
-The Blackjack System and player characters creation
-The Hardboiled System
-Spaceships combat system
-Equipment and Spaceships avaiable for the characters
-An introductory adventure

Also, exclusively for Gamefound backers, the adventure  "Pearls before Swine" will be included. For the backers who will follow the campaign even before its launch, the adventure "A Light in the Void" will also be included.

Depending on the stretch goals reached, we may come up with even cooler new things!
You can download the game's Quickstarter for free here (ITA) and here (Eng)

In the gallery at the top of the page or here you can find an introductory video on the Blackjack System


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)



Deep Sky Ballad will be available in two languages (English or Italian), thanks to the joined efforts of professional writers, game designers and translators.
At the end of the campaign you will be sent a survey to provide your address and select your preferred language.
We are open to collaborations to localize the game in other languages, contact us!


Deep Sky Ballad is an Italian project that we present in two languages: English and Italian.
Only pledge levels with physical rewards require shipping.
We'll ship anywhere in the world. If the campaign is successful, shipping costs will be collected after the Campaign. Shipping costs will be calculated automatically for you and charged in the pledge manager. You do not pay for shipping during the Campaign.
Below is a rough estimate of the costs:

Italy:   2.5€
Europe:   9.5€
World (not Oceania):  14.5€
Oceania:   19.5€ 

About the Team

Risks and challenges

Our team has successfully fulfilled crowdfunded projects in the past and has experience in print production as well as writing and game design. We believe the target dates to be well within reach and hope to deliver the finished products early. If there are any delays, they will concern the graphic drafting and the control of the print quality, but also in this case the report will try to be as short as possible.

Refunds and cancellation

We will act in accordance with Gamefound's policies on Refunds and Cancellations,
If possible, and necessary, we are happy to submit a refund to you.