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RA by 25th Century Games 25th Century Games
The classic Reiner Knizia auction game RA returns in a brand new edition with updated components and beautiful artwork from Ian O'Toole.

Project story

2 - 5
Play time
45 min
12 +
set collection



Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign, you can cancel your order at any time for a full refund.  Gamefound charges your credit card only at the end of a successfully funded campaign. 

After that, you can request a refund for your order at any time. If your request is after the campaign but before we close the pledge manager, you will receive 90% of your pledge. Once we lock the pledge manager, but before we begin fulfillment, you will receive 50% of your pledge. Once fulfillment begins for your zone, no refund will be possible.