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RIFTFORCE by 1 More Time Games
Elegant deck construction and tense hand management packed in 1 box. A duel game from an experienced team with 3150 possible match ups.
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Project overview

Riftforce is a two-player card game with a focus on deck construction and hand management, designed by Carlo Bortolini and illustrated by Miguel Coimbra.

Riftforce is very accessible and can be learned in a few minutes thanks to its elegant, streamlined rules. You will return again and again as the game's deeper layers of strategy unfold before your eyes.

Smooth Deck Construction
Choose 4 guilds, grab the corresponding elementals and shuffle them together. Setup in an instant!

Accessible Core
With 3 easy actions and an intuitive card matching system you are ready to play in a few minutes.

Gripping Hand Management
The guilds’ elementals are the lifeblood of the game - they are your units and at the same time the resource necessary to attack. Soon you will find yourself wondering how to use them best!

Clever Combo Play
It is hugely satisfying to unleash a coordinated attack in which the abilities of your different elementals work together to defeat a strong foe.

Vast Replayability
Discover new synergies between your guilds every time you play. Your game experience and playstyle will vary greatly by trying a new of the 210 possible guild combinations.

Inclusive Artwork & Modern Design
Borderless cards, optimised card layout and cleverly used components let you dive into the beautiful world of Riftforce without distraction.

Your order is scheduled to arrive in March 2021 at the latest.