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The Main Rules of Gamefound

We are pleased that You decided to visit our Website and to use our Services. It is very important for us that you read and understand the rules of our cooperation. We believe that transparency and clarity are the good basis of building a solid, long term relation. That is why below we summarized The Main Rules based on which we hope we will work together.
  1. By using gamefound.com, you agree to our Terms of Service and conclude the Agreement with us to provide You the services available via the Website. You will be informed about any amendments to the Terms of Service and their scope by e-mail with a 14 days’ notice.
  2. We are not responsible and liable for any of the Projects provided for you to be pledged on the Website. In particular we are not responsible and liable for any or all of the Projects to be commenced or finalized. The only entity fully responsible for the particular Project is the Creator of this Project. The Creator is exclusively liable for physical defects in the Products and Rewards.
  3. It is possible that the Project will change, cannot be finished on time or is impossible to finish, which we are not responsible of. 
  4. You are responsible for all your actions on our Website, especially for sending us an unlawful content within the meaning of the laws of Republic of Poland.
  5. Prices indicated on the Website constitute a commercial information, not an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code.
  6. Bringing a Pledge may require accepting additional Terms of Services provided by Kickstarter or other websites / entities.
  7. In order to use our Services, you must have an active personal account or complete the registration process and create your personal account through our Website.
  8. The agreement between You and the Creator is considered concluded as soon as the intention to bring a Pledge or Late Pledge is confirmed (the order is placed) by the Creator.
  9. The Creator reserve himself all of the rights regarding the Pledge or the Late Pledge brought by the  Backers or the Late Backers and the Project itself e.g. to cancel, reject, remove, suspend it etc.
  10. Shipping / delivery conditions depends on your choice made / information provided by the Creator after bringing the Pledge or the Late Pledge for a specific Project and confirmation of the order. Delivery of the Reward is carried out in cooperation with the courier company / postal services provider selected by the Creator.
  11. Due to the generally applicable Polish law provisions you have the right to withdraw from the Agreement concluded remotely within 14 days from the time of the date of its conclusion. 
  12. The intellectual property is a core of every Creator’s activity and we have some important conditions on how it can be used – we described them in our Terms of Service. Please be sure that you know them.
  13. Using our Website may require accessing the system via specific browsers.
  14. All legal matters arising under the Agreement, if not settled, will be heard by the court with jurisdiction over the Realms Distribution seat.
Full content of our Terms of Service can be found here: https://gamefound.com/info/terms-of-service-detailed.


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