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Gamefound was created with one, simple mission:

Accelerate the creation of amazing games and give great tools for creators to communicate with community.
We are a part of an amazing internet revolution that brought us crowdfunding. No longer you need to find a huge company that will fund your idea – you can show it straight to your customers and they will vote with their wallets. We believe that crowdfunding works best in entertainment sector, where fresh ideas and innovations are what matters the most.

First step on our way is creating best tools to manage crowdfunding campaigns (such us Kickstarter or Indiegogo).

Our Pledge Manager is free for creators and users. There are no fees.

Thanks to our system you will be able to choose your rewards easy and keep up with the project.

Our team is dedicated to create tools that will help creators manage their projects, as well as backers to be up to date with the delivery.

Values that we think about, making every decision, remain unchanged:

We strongly believe that passion is a necessity in our lives. It motivates us in everyday activities and encourages us to aim for perfection. Sharing this passion is a great happiness but also responsibility that we are ready to honor.
This great hobby is also a group of people with similar values and ways of spending their free time. We are happy to be the part of this community, and as such, we would like to bring value to all the miniature figures hobbyists.
Our work is driven by constant inspiration. We are sure, that using imagination and diving into fantasy worlds brings forgotten colors to our reality. Heaving said that, our purpose is to transfer our inspiration and bring it to our customers.