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Resumen del proyecto

Pledge manager has been reopened for Language Editions Backers (please read carefully the points below to know the limitations). Pledge manager is not accepting any new
customers (late pledges).
Who can place/add to the orders:
1. People who are still waiting for Language Editions Second Wave packages – can add items to their
existing orders, they can not create new ones (Language Editions means all languages except English).
2. People who still have unspent credits
Who cannot place an order:
1. People who do not have Tainted Grail order/credits.
2. People who already got all of their orders or their orders are in some stage of current shipping
(this applies to Second Wave English Edition. Backers of 2nd Wave Language Editions who meet the
criteria listed above can place/add to the orders)
System restrictions:
1. You can still order English Edditions of products but everything you order now will be delivered along 2nd Wave Language Editions – even if you pay for split shipping.
2. If you have an order you cannot create a new order – only edit the current one.
3. You can only pay in your default order currency

4. The system will charge you for shipment on the basis of your original order:
- If you originally pledged for split shipment you will now be charged based on split shipment – but as mentioned above you will get everything in one package along 2nd wave.
- If you had a single shipment then the system will charge you the cost of that service.
When will the stuff I order now be sent?
Everything you add now to your order will be sent with the second language wave. You can find the
estimated timeline in the previous update.

Tainted Grail is an adventure and survival cooperative Board Game set in a unique grim world, inspired by Arthurian legends. Filled with over a thousand cards, and countless pages of non-linear story, Tainted Grail offers an unforgettable, campaign-based experience for 1-4 players.

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