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Project overview

2 games in 1! Patriot is a gritty, funny, and thinky game that boasts both a 1-2p campaign mode with over 20 hours of content, and a 3-6p social deduction game mode which plays different every game!

Patriot is an intelligent game about questionable people set in the world of Karmonia. It contains elements of deck buildingcombat, and engine building for 1 to 6 players. Patriot's rich lore, dark art, unique mechanics, fun playing dynamics, and multiple game modes set it apart from anything else you have ever played before.
Patriot has been professionally play tested, contains a 1-2 player campaign mode, and a 3-6 player espionage and social deception game mode, all of which are easy to pick up but hard to master. Patriot will play differently every single time through the countless options provided by the board and cards. 
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Each of our campaigns also come with their own custom tile, so every game alters the board slightly. Our play testers have had fantastic reviews of the game, complimenting the immersion, character development, hilarity of the campaigns, and the actual gameplay itself. Patriot is worth buying for the campaigns alone!

Ashi, the President:
Frank, The Alien is a character created by one of our original backers.

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Buy Patriot here if you haven't already locked in the game through Kickstarter. We are completing likely the only print run of Patriot, so get in while you can.

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