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Project overview

It’s kill or be killed in when you’re being hunted in space! The Evolmorph (pronounced "Evil-morph") will evolve over the course of the game and features a “vanishing” mechanic where it will disappear into the ventilation shafts only to return when you least expect it… or perhaps if you plan it right, into a well-laid ambush!

The USCSS PATNA spaceship introduces ‘keycards’ that can be used to access different parts of the ship. Will you kill your foe the old-fashioned way? Self-destruct the ship and escape? Or perhaps you’ll try to airlock the killer into the void!
You won’t know who you can trust when playing against The Organism. How can you fight what you can’t see? You’ll have to test the victims in the lab or with test kits you find to determine if they’ve been assimilated. Of course, your real job is to kill mutated victims to stop the spread once identified! Featuring three different types of organisms, you’ll never know what you are going to face.

The arctic Station 2891 features new unique challenges. Anyone who stays outside too long risks succumbing to frostbite, but the only escape is via the helicopter traveling to and from the station from the Arctic airport. Will you try to save your comrades against all odds, or look out for numero uno and use them to buy yourself time?

What horror game would be complete without a home invasion? The Intruders are here. Face not one, not two, but THREE killers. You thought one was hard, but you’re really going to have to stay on your toes against these murderous menaces.

Wingard Cottage offers a new challenge with unique events and a new crafting mechanism that lets you take ordinary items and turn them into epic weapons. Stick with that knife or scrounge up some wood and nails to craft The Obliterator? It will be up to you, just make the call before it is too late!
Not every story ends happily ever after. This isn’t the Big, Bad, Wolf you imagined as a child. It’s bigger and badder than you could imagine. Can you slow the wolf down before it becomes fast enough to move anywhere on the board in a single turn? Featuring “hunt” and “slay” modes, the killer will take different actions depending on what mode it is in, making for yet another unique challenge for you to tackle!

Storybook Woods features a unique layout with a river running through the land. You’ll have to cross rickety bridges only you and one victim can safely traverse. Fairy tale events and items may be a magical miracle or a crippling curse. Will you get lost, or make it out of the woods alive?

The Ratchet Lady is in a mood. She’s performing her own brand of therapy on the victims, turning them into bloodthirsty maniacs. You’ll have to decide if you want to try to calm them down or kill them before they can kill you. But the only way to really stop them will be to put down the Ratchet Lady herself.

Wolfe Asylum seems harmless and like a typical mental institution to outsiders. Inside lies something very different. There’s medicine and other drugs inside that can, shall we say, amplify your abilities. But at what cost? When the choice is death or a potential side effect, it really isn’t a choice at all. Down the hatch!

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Components and Visuals 
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