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Legends of Void is a 1-4 player strategy game, based on hand-management, engine-building, and area-control mechanics. 
You’ll play a Hero leading a Faction in the battle against the Void. The Void has summoned Seraphs, god-like creatures who threaten the Outer Lands, draining its life and replacing it with Nihil.
You have a common goal, banish all the Seraphs from the Outer Lands, but you compete with each other to gain the favor of Lumen, the Flying City of Eternals. 
The game can end in two ways:
  • Saving the Outer Lands, when all Seraphs have been banned from the Outer Lands.
  • The Void Eruption, when the Void deck runs out and the Void swallows the Outer Lands. 
Your base score is equal to your Lumen Rating (LR). In-game, you can increase it only by damaging the Seraphs. You can also get victory points from other sources, but they matter only if the Outer Lands are saved. The player with the most Lumen Points (LP) wins and is awarded by Lumen with the title of Legend.

During the game, you’ll buy and cast Lumen Scrolls, which have a variety of effects: conjuring an animal familiar, gathering magical berries, evoking a fireball, steal Gold from other players. Scrolls can increase your production, grant you unique abilities, or empower your Hero. The game has 216 unique Lumen Scrolls. In addition to these, there are 45 Gift Scrolls, played during the setup to modify the start of each player.
Acquiring a Lumen Scroll for your hand costs 3 Gold. Casting a Scroll takes Gold, and sometimes additional resources and requirements.

There are nine types of resources:
  •  Gold, Hero, Mithril, and Mana which can be directly produced;
  •  Dark Matter, and Genasi, which descend from Mana;
  •  Creature, Spirit, and Relic which can be collected only on some Scrolls.
Your basic income of Gold, as well as your base score, is based on your Lumen Rating. It starts at 13 and increases only when you damage a Seraph. You can damage a Seraph in many ways: fighting it directly with your Hero, sealing a Portal, scorching a Nihil, blooming a Vytae, or through actions granted by your Hero, Faction, and Scrolls. To damage a Seraph, most of the time you need to be nearby it with your Hero or one of your Area.

The Outer Lands are a map made up of six Regions, randomly chosen from eight double-sided tiles. They are a disc with the Void at its center. The Seraphs threaten every Region. Here and there, Portal and Nihil infect the Lands. In a Stronghold on the edge of the map, you are preparing for the battle.

Game Flow

Legends of Void is split into years and seasons.
  •  Spring: draft 4 Lumen Scrolls and decide which to acquire
  •  Summer: take turns to do two actions. You can:
 ·  Play a Lumen Scroll
 ·  Perform a Hero action: Travel, Gather, Fight a Seraph, or Seize a Seraph's Secret
 ·  Use an action granted by your Hero, Faction, and Scrolls.
 ·  Perform a standard action: trade with Lumen (7 Gold), build a Stronghold (7 Mithril), seal a Portal (7 Mana), scorch a Nihil (7 Dark Matter), or bloom a Vytae (7 Genasi).
 ·  End Your Summer, pass, and take a new Lumen Blessing.
  •  Autumn: gain resources according to your Lumen Rating and production
  •  Winter: draw and resolve an Event from the Void-Deck. Events move a Seraph, spread Portal and Nihil, and force you to choose between sacrificing resources or decreasing your Lumen Rating.

The game ends immediately when all Seraphs are banished, or at the beginning of the Winter if the Void-Deck runs, causing the Void Eruption.
The player with most Lumen Points (LP) wins the game and is awarded by Lumen with the title of Legend.

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Legends of Void