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Project overview

The Top Shelf Token Treasury is a collection of hand-painted resin and metal pieces perfect for gaming of all types and presented in four collectors boxes that will create a beautiful library of upgrades on your game shelves.

Brought to you by Top Shelf Gamer, who has been in the business of creating the highest quality gaming upgrades and accessories for more than 6 years.  We are gamers ourselves and love how Top Shelf Tokens breathe new life into all games - both old and new. 

There are 4 boxes in this collection decorated in a foil accent that have a magnetic closure for easy opening and closing, and six token trays to separately hold different token types.

What's in each box?

Here are some examples of how you can use these beautifully detailed pieces:

Retailers please contact Marlene Ingham at to get pricing and place orders. Please put "RETAIL KS Treasury" in the subject line.