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Project overview

We are offering unofficial accessories for the Terraforming Mars board game!

  • 3D-Tiles for the base game, all official expansions and several fan expansions
  • A big collection of accessories: Trade Ships, 1st Player Marker, Resource Tokens, Indicators and alot more.
  • An insert that will hold the Terraforming Mars Board Game and all official expansions.

If you need any additional information, please visit the Kickstarter Website of this project!

3D-Tiles: Base Game & Official Expansions

3D-Tiles for the Terraforming Mars Base Game and all official expansions.

3D-Tiles: Fan Expansions

3D-Tiles for various Fan Expansions

3D-Tiles: Storage System

A Storage System to store our 3D-Tiles - Also compatible with Fan Expansion Tiles.

3D-Tiles: Color Upgrades

Color Upgrades compatible with the 28-Tiles Pack

Accessories: Complete Collection

Our Accessories Collection

Accessories: Individual Accessories

Get all Accessories individually here