Project overview

Unapologetically casual, Hamsters vs. Hippos is a light press-your-luck game of tile flipping, lotus flower gathering, hippo-avoiding fun! It plays 2-6 players and has a separate solo mode.

The hamsters have escaped their enclosure at the zoo and are making a run for it! Suddenly they come across a pond and see their most prized possession, the Lotus Flower!

Unfortunately, lurking below the surface are hippos waiting for their favorite snack. 

The hamsters have to take a risk and gather as many lotus flowers as they can before all of the hippos' friends arrive to join in on the feast!

The game lasts 4 rounds with each player representing a little hamster. The player with the most lotus flowers at the end of 4 rounds wins. Each round ends when two hamsters are eaten (don't worry, you respawn for the next round).

Hamsters vs. Hippos is a press-your-luck, player movement and tile flipping game from the twisted mind of James Freeman. 

Why pitch Hamsters against Hippos? 

Why not! says James. 

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