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Project overview

Mitropia is a strategic area-control game rooted in the mechanics of the ancient game Go, with surprise elements that make it fun for every player! Use tribal powers, pattern movement cards, special actions, and more to capture the most territory and prisoners on the fields of the Gods.

The underlying game mechanics are simple to learn, but create intricate strategic and tactical challenges every time you play. The card drawing and random board generation elements of the game create an even playing field between advanced players and casual players. These elements can also be dialed down or removed for pure strategic contests. With Mitropia, you get the best of both worlds combined: meaningful strategic gameplay and fun surprises.  

The game is organized around the use of one tribe per player, and the main board composed of randomized terrain hex tiles. The wide range of variants makes for a vast array of replayability. In normal play:
  • Play with two to four players on boards of 61 or 91 tiles for an absorbing contest that lasts 30-60 minutes.
  • Go all the way to epic contests with the full 127 board tileset (a hexagon edge length of 7) with up to 5 players and go up to 90 minutes.
On top of this, you can play short two-player blitz games on boards of just 37 tiles (a hexagon with an edge length of 4 tiles) in only 10-15 minutes for a fun two-player game.

Of course, you are not constrained to purely hexagonal boards and you can build maps of any shape. If you have more than one copy of the game, they can be combined so your battles might unfold over many hours.

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