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An authentic looking cold-case straight from a Victorian Circus. 
Dive into the puzzles and rich story of this tabletop mystery game. 

A box is delivered to your door, filled to the brim with clues, puzzles, witness statements, love-letters and enigmatic items - all part of an 1883 crime scene. It's up to you to find the right connections, get to know the people involved and watch the tragedy unfold that transpired on the circus grounds.

  • Play this storytelling puzzle game at home with up to 5 friends. 
  •  44 Beautiful components designed with an eye for detail.
  •  Based on historical documents and historically correct. We spent many days searching through archives to find real world documents from the right period, and often used those in our designs. 
  • Including handwritten letters, notes tied with ribbons, photos, objects and more.
  •  2-5 Hours of investigation, depending on your experience with escape style puzzle games and murder mysteries. We encourage you to take your time. We heard of many players taking two evenings to sift through all the details.  
 Easily regift it with the refill package and included instructions after you've solved the case. 

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