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Project overview

Hey, hunters! We’ve temporarily re-opened this pledge manager so you can claim your free errata pack for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game.

  • You have until September 8th to claim your free errata pack
  • To claim your free errata card pack, just add the product to your basket and complete check out
  • This order will cost you nothing, but it’s really important that you complete it. Otherwise, your free card pack won’t be shipped out.

IMPORTANT: You can claim as many errata card packs as you have pledges, but not more than you have pledges. If you claim more errata packs than you have pledges, your order might not be processed. 

As well as the free errata card pack, we’re offering an optional, purchasable pack of 24 limited edition holographic cards. You don’t need to purchase the holographic cards to get the free errata pack. 

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