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Welcome, hero, to the Euthia Resurrected pledge manager! Explore an epic fantasy world of magic and monsters where death is but part of the journey… ⚔️💀✨ 

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Not yet pledged? You’re in luck! Over 7,500 backers raised more than £1.5million to bring Euthia back to life. Now, you can join the adventure by late pledging right here in the pledge manager. Because Euthia Resurrected is a Kickstarter exclusive game, it won’t go to general retail. So, late pledge now if you don’t want to miss out! 

Not sure which pledge level to go for or which add-ons to choose? Here’s a link to ✨ the Ultimate Guide ✨ (please note the Necromancer hero kit was free only during the live campaign)
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To find out more about Euthia Resurrected, visit the Kickstarter page or watch the trailer below.

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