Project overview

Welcome to the Pledge Manager for StackaRack!
Paint collections have a way of growing. Each new project adds a few new colours, and before you know it, you have a desk covered in assorted paints, or a big box you have to rifle through looking for the colour you need. Existing paint storage systems tend to focus on a particular style of paint bottle, or lock you into a specific configuration. StackaRack changes that! Whether you are looking to store an entire collection, or just have an organised working set of paints for your active project, StackaRack will make things better.

StackaRack is made up of a stackable, reconfigurable system of plastic modules, allowing you to tailor your collection to your available space, from the side of a cupboard to the back corner of your desk. Each module clips together vertically and horizontally, creating a strong unit that suits your needs exactly. Best of all, the StackaRack is designed to hold droppers and flip-top pots from most of the major miniature paint manufacturers. This means that the same unit works for multiple brands of paint, removing the need to buy separate racks to hold the different bottle types. Sort your collection the way you want, instead of how it fits on a pre-configured rack!

We successfully funded on Kickstarter, (You can see the campaign here!) and the first production run is complete. Now, existing backers can confirm and update their pledges, and new backers can join in for a limited time to build their StackaRack at prices below the final retail release.

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