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Project overview

Goblins. The perennial underdogs. Short stature combined with an even shorter attention span. But always scrappy, clever. Adaptable survivors. Their tight-knit communities are tucked away in the forgotten and overlooked corners of cities built by and for tall people.

Your small party of goblins is tasked with a seemingly mundane errand to help out your community. Maybe you need to water the plants, shop for groceries or make an appointment with the local wizard to get your wise leader unstuck from his chamber pot. Sounds easy, right?

Well, unfortunately, you've got to contend with a world built for folk much bigger and stronger than you. And on top of that, you've got only one brain cell to share among the lot of you. Play to see how complications mount and these ordinary, everyday tasks spiral into hilarious (mis)adventures.

Goblin Errands is a no-prep RPG for 2 to 4 player-goblins and one game master. It is a game of lovable rascals and zany mischief. It embraces and rewards the silly humor that arises spontaneously around the gaming table.

A session, starting completely from scratch, takes about three hours. This includes running a single errand from start to finish as well as making all player-goblins, their community and the errand itself. And to help with that, the book contains a number of handy tables to spark your imagination.

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