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Project overview

A crazy Murderer is on the loose and it's up to you to save yourself.

The only thing? The Murderer almost always wins 😈

Murder on the Cards is a quick playing card game for 2 - 6 players,  with each player trying their hardest to outwit The Murderer at every  turn. All you have are your wits, the Save Yourself cards in your hand,  and hopefully the goodwill of a few of the other players. The last player alive wins and defeats The Murderer...this time.

Rules of the Game

There are 3 decks in the game (each card has a title running along the bottom border of the card):
  1. To Your Demise Cards
  2. Save Yourself Icon Cards
  3. Life Cards

To Your Demise Cards:
These are the cards where The Murderer lives.
They consist of 3 categories:
- Murder with a Twist cards that involve interactions with other players to survive the round.
- Deathly Challenge cards that force a player to gamble with their fate.
- Save Yourself scenario cards that partner with the Save Yourself cards in your hand.
Save Yourself Cards:
There are 5 different Save Yourself cards (each can save you from different scenarios in the To Your Demise cards):
  1. Parachute
  2. Super Speed
  3. Magic Shield
  4. Antidote
  5. Weapon
These are the cards trying their best to kill you. Each player draws one  at the start of their round and depending on whether they get a Save  Yourself card, a Deathly Challenge or a Murder With a Twist, they can  either use the cards in their hand, take a risk or offer up another  player to stay alive.

Life Cards:
Each player gets one Life Card at the start of the game and it is your  lifeline. It will keep you in the game for one more round if you are  critically injured by The Murderer, giving you a chance to fight your  way back.

The game ends when The Murderer gets everyone or there is one lucky player left alive.

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