Project overview

In this old video (sounds fine with headphones), you will get the basics of how to play Arcadia Tenebra.
We have changed and tweaked some things in the game to make the gameplay better, but the basics stayed the same. 

We expect to ship Arcadia Tenebra in Summer 2023.
Shipping costs are $16 flat worldwide. 
  • No VAT
  • No customs
Friendly shipping worldwide.
Except for Croatia.
Backers from Croatia will be charged VAT and Customs. We're kidding. :) No VAT, no Customs, and shipping costs are only $7.
Backers from our hometown of Rijeka will get free shipping if they promise to meet with us at a local pub and buy us a beer. We're kidding. :) We will buy them a beer in our place (Udruga RiRoll, Ivana Gorhovca 3a).
You can read the rulebook on ISSUU or in PDF by clicking on the illustration "THE LAW" above.
 What our PC's and NPC's say about us:
 - They are our creators. Let's say no more. - Mara
- Good and kind people. I love them very, very much. They play so nice with me. Although, their dancing skills are not quite up to Istanbul's standards. - Dilara Tilki
- If I had a chance to choose my creators, I certainly wouldn't choose those... People. - Jabir ibn Yazid
- I found some of them amusing but I can't really grasp the fact they are my creators. It just escapes my rational reasoning. - Riccardo Morin
- I guess I'm lucky being the madame at the brothel. If they imagined me as a teacher I would kill myself.  - Madame Jahira

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