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Project overview

In Die of the Dead, players play as friendly spirits, helping guide souls back to the land of the living to celebrate Dia de Muertos. The first player to have one of their souls reach the land of the living wins!
We are proud to have worked with a cultural consultant and a Mexican artist to really help bring Dia de Muertos to the table and embed the beauty and culture within the game. The game contains awesome components, such as the 4 gorgeous Dia de Muertos caskets, and the 3D nine-step staircase, showing the levels the souls travel on from the World of the Dead to the Land of the Living. In addition we have items from the Dia de Muertos ofrenda: candles, bread, marigolds and incense as tokens on the table for all players to use; papel picado style boards, and Caterina on the player boards. These aren't just richly thematic, and great to look at, but also enable unique gameplay mechanisms not seen in other games.

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