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Project overview

In Cake of Doom, the first player to control 2 regions & the Democratic Order Of Mankind (DOOM) immediately wins.
Xavier the Explorer wins the game by controlling North America, North Africa, and the DOOM!
To control a region or the DOOM, players make bribes. First, choose your desired region, then decide how many cake cards you want to play. Some cake cards are worth more than others - keep in mind that your opponents might sabotage you!

Once you’ve made a bribe, your mischievous opponents can try to stop you. They can play sabotage cards from their hand to ruin cakes in your bribe. 
If your bribe no longer has enough cakes, you fail to win control over the region.
Sabotage cards be anything from a blaster shooting your red dwarf cake, to space teddies robbing your tiramisu. But the dreaded Cake Monster is the one to watch out for, it will gobble up your cakes! 
There are steal, grab and block cards to help you achieve victory.  They can help you get resources - or even block sabotages to protect yourself at crucial moments.
At the end of each turn you draw more cards to fuel your next attack. The question is - how many will you draw from the cake deck, and how many will you draw from the mischief deck of actions and sabotages?
As the game progresses, you get to draw more and more cards, escalating the Cake of Doom mayhem.
Each player is given an alien character with unique abilities - like getting extra resources or stronger sabotages. These abilities open up different strategies to help you win the game.
Some of our cake-loving alien invaders
You become immune from sabotages if you successfully control two regions from the same continent! That means you can attempt to bribe the DOOM without any resistance from other players. However, prepare to defend your territories - they can still steal regions from you!
Paulo the Protector now controls South Asia and Far East, both from Asia. Next time they make a bribe there shall be no sabotaging.
You can read our full 2-page rule book here.
Even better - try the game out for free online! Click on your platform of choice below.
Watch the game designers explain how to play in this short video.

Don't just hear it from us! We sent prototype copies to reviewers to get their thoughts too. Go to the Reviews section below for more.
Click to read Sarah's review in full. Scroll down to the Reviews section for more opinions!
Inside the Cake of Doom game box (15.3 x 11.2 x 6.0 cm, or 6.0 x 4.4 x 2.4 inches):
  • 157 cards (350 gsm) - 90 cakes, 20 sabotages, 20 actions, 14 regions, 8 aliens, 1 draw tracker, 6 player aids
  • 1 alien meeple
  • Rule book
Our game mat can be added to your pledge. Players have told us that it adds a grand table presence and improves card visibility for all players. We highly recommend it to add a special sense of occasion to your game night.
Please note that the mat is roughly 61 x 35 cm, or 24 x 14 inches in size. It is not designed to fit in our travel-sized game box but can be easily rolled up for storage and transport.
Shipping (including VAT and for EU countries custom duties) will be charged separately in the pledge manager. Please refer to the Shipping section below for indicative costs.
'Print-at-home' colour in is a digital reward. This will include low-ink outlines of art from the game, intended for people of all ages as a colouring activity. While the images will use art from Cake of Doom, they will not be the cards and components of the game.
We think Cake of Doom is great - it makes us so happy that other people enjoy it as much as we do!
We sent pre-production copies to reviewers and ran extensive playtests both virtually and in person. Here is what they thought.
Quotes from Cake of Doom players of all ages and backgrounds
March 2023 - Kickstarter Campaign
April-June 2023 - Finalise rules and artwork
End of June 2023 - Pledge manager closes
July-August 2023 - Manufacturing
Sep 2023 - Fulfilment
Oct 2023 - All copies delivered!
Cake of Doom is brought to you by an enthusiastic team of game lovers.
Pearl Ho (Co-designer)
A self-professed gamer and baker. Pearl loves mid-weight euros like Brass Birmingham, social dedication games like Resistance, and she plays D&D on a weekly basis. As game nights host, her current go-to warm up game is Bites. Pearl is also a master home baker - you can see a range of treats she baked on our social media posts. In her day job, Pearl crunches numbers, using data to find actionable insights to help businesses improve.
Amar Chandarana (Co-designer)
Amar loves a great party game, if you invite him round he will almost definitely bring along Scrawl, Articulate and Codenames! Amar loves to bake but hasn’t quite mastered the art of cake decoration, he is the genuine inspiration behind a number of our accidental sabotage cards. When he isn’t making games, Amar is a Project Manager, successfully delivering large-scale technology programmes. He has extensive experience working with teams and clients all over the world.
Rob Ingle (Artist)
Rob creates the visuals which bring our ideas to life. Daydreamer, doodler and card carrying luddite, he revels in the tactile experience of tabletop games and the fact they can’t randomly crash mid-game. He has recently brought to market Pugs in Mugs and Earth Rising.

A huge, heartfelt thanks to all the people who have helped us out in any way. In no particular order they are: Judy, Sechi, and of course, all of our wonderful play testers - both online and in person.

Environmental Commitments

Our game is of the highest quality, created to last for many years and can easily be resold and reused by later owners! Our manufacturer uses only FSC certified paper and board which means the materials used to make the cards, rulebook and box have been responsibly harvested and produced.

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