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Project overview

Materia Prima - The Alchemists Guild (Basegame)
Materia Prima places you in the medieval world of Alka Sowa where mysticism and science are inseparable in alchemy. In search of the philosopher's stone, recipes must be researched and resources mined. The competitive sandbox game combines various mechanics, such as dice rolling while fighting, deck building while recipe exploration, grid movement on a modular game board, pick up and delivery while resource mining, resource management while crafting items and area control by creating little helpers, the Homunculi.

Materia Prima - The Inquisition (Expansion)
The Inquisition is a new major threat in Alka Sowa. It’s violence and power is fed by political arbitrariness and religious delusion. Its nobles and priests try to gain control over the continent by destroying alchemy and all its heretic creations. Stand against the seemingly overpowered priests and footmen of the Inquisition and make important decisions, that will deeply affect the continent and change its appearance forever! 
The Inquisition expansion increases the number of players up to 6 alchemists and includes a whole cooperative campaign that can be played solo. The campaign consists of several scenarios, which let you dive deeper into the world of alchemy.     

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