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Project overview


Hopping aboard a one-way trip to a bizarre interstellar demise has never been simpler!

Unsettled® Framework

The foundational "base" of the UnsettledĀ® experience. Each time you play you set up the framework and then load one of the many available planets into it.


Each planet is its own experience that runs on the Unsettled Framework. Set up the framework and then load in the planet you wish to attempt not dying on. Each planet bends the game's systems in unique ways and offers its own bizarre experience. Planets can be played in any order.

Note: Planets 001 and 002 are included in the framework.

Modules + Extras

The framework and a planet box are all you need to start your unsettling journey, but those aren't the only intriguing things to discover in the Orange Nebula.

For Owners of First Printing

PLEASE READ: If you are just backing Unsettled for the first time, you do not need these!

Some elements of the game have been slightly tweaked in this current printing! If you would like to snag the updated content you may do so here. NOTE: The only reason you would need the updated trays is if you sleeve your game and you were unhappy with the original solution for the sleeved cards. Most owners of the original printing do not need replacement trays!