All-In Kits

Convert any of your above-selected character boxes into different versions of "All-Ins" using the below kits. If you want an all-in with sleeves, you will need multiple kits.

For each character box, you may add:

  • An All-In Kit (everything except sleeves)
  • Gameplay Only All In Kit (everything except cosmetic extras and sleeves)
  • and/or a Sleeves Kit

Example 1:
To convert a core pledge into an all-in with sleeves, add an All-In Kit and an All-In Sleeves kit. 

Example 2:
If you selected a Partner Pledge, and you both want All-In, but only one of you wants sleeves, add 2 All-In Kits and 1 All-In Sleeves Kit. 

Mix and match these kits to create the pledges that suit your group’s needs and tastes!

If you want the All-In Sleeves kit, please click on that kit's image for important instructions on how to select your sleeve styles.


Mix and match the extras that appeal to you most! 

Note: If you just want everything (or everything gameplay) you can quickly make that selection using the above All-In or All-In Gameplay kits. 


Scroll up to the Project Story to view the card sleeving guide, or click HERE.