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What the reviewers have said
“I would absolutely recommend this for families or for those looking for a light filler for a regular game group.” - Everything Boardgames

 "It's just so fun, so clever, so well put together ... this one is an easy recommend!” - eNVy Boardgaming

“We will definitely be bringing it to the table as a filler for our game nights. For us it can easily compete with for example Exploding Kittens or Port Royal.” - Kim Larsen

“With the ‘Play out of the box’ guide you can be playing the game within five minutes.”  - The Lone Boardgamer

“It says on the box: Action, strategy and mayhem - and that's exactly what you are going to get when you play this game.” - Brains on Games

“This game is bonkers - and I mean that in the best way - it is WILD and FUN!” - Grant Lyon

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