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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc plunges you into the heart of the Hundred Years' War. In this dark, medieval universe, you can help kings plot for the throne of France, crusade with the Teutonic Order against the Pagans or investigate strange devilish rumors. Enjoy these legendary experiences through this immersive, narrative and tactical board game!

Welcome to the pledge manager and late pledge for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5. If you are a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, then this is where you will finalise your pledge, provide your mailing address, and pay for shipping. You can select any number of add-ons and additional pledges as well. If this exceeds the amount you pledged on Kickstarter then you can pay the difference here on the pledge manager.

This is also your last chance as a late pledger to support this incredible and unique project, the most successful boardgame featuring 15mm miniatures ever sold on Kickstarter. This Late Pledge of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5 will get you all the benefits of a Kickstarter supporter FOR FREE. You will have access to the same pledge levels and add-ons as Kickstarter backers. You can check out the Kickstarter page here, where you can find playthrough videos and our weekly updates.

This pledge manager/late pledge introduces 3 new add-ons based on requests we received during the Kickstarter campaign. There are the Oversized Expansions Tiles Kit, the 1.5 Upgrade Pack and the Teutonic Sleeves Pack (note that these sleeves are offered in the 1.5 Complete Pack pledge).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RETURNING BACKERS: If you are a returning backer and spent $20 during the Kickstarter campaign, then you have been automatically credited with an extra $35 to buy the 1.5 Upgrade Pack. This Upgrade Pack has been added to your cart. You cannot remove it from your cart and you cannot be refunded for this $35 credit.

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The estimated shipping date for the game is October 2020.

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