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Project overview


The year 2022 has been a very difficult year for crowdfunding based companies and Mythic Games has not been spared by this crisis. The consequences of the COVID and then the war in Ukraine has resulted in very significant additional costs which, when it comes to producing and delivering games launched in crowdfunding before these two crises, cost much more than the printing and shipping estimates of the time.
Mythic Games took on the extra costs out of its cash flow for as long as it could. We hoped that these additional costs would be temporary and that the situation would return to the "normal" pre-COVID. This was not the case and the war in Ukraine even amplified the inflation phenomenon.
Faced with these two successive crises, we took drastic measures by reducing our expenses, our staff, our portfolio of games, looking for new sources of revenue, investors, and asking our backers to contribute to the extra costs.

Our commitments
Despite these challenges, we have successfully adapted to the new global environment and are focused on delivering all our projects. For some projects, we are forced to ask for a participation in the extra costs not foreseen at the time of the crowdfunding campaign. We are looking for solutions for each project, which may not necessarily be the same, and we will keep the backers involved informed.

Being short-staffed, we have had to reduce the frequency of our updates, and we are forced to work on only one project at a time. At the moment and until the end of the year, we are focused on the delivery of the 6: Siege project.

Backers who do not wish to pay the additional contribution to deliver the game can request a refund by sending an email at Refunds are made in chronological order of requests, and they are made at the beginning of every month according to a capped amount revised each month and calculated so as not to weaken the company's cash flow and not to compromise the delivery of projects. These refunds can therefore take a long time (several months of waiting). If the situation improves, this delay may decrease.

Contribution requirements 
We had to ask Darkest Dungeon backers for a contribution due to the exceptional over-costs related to the combined crises of COVID and War in Ukraine, which allowed us to deliver wave 1 of the game to over 15,000 backers who agreed to pay this contribution. We also recently asked for a contribution from 6: Siege backers, and since the minimum threshold needed to launch production was reached, we are able to launch production and are aiming for delivery to backers by the end of the year.

The next request for contributions, which was announced in wave 1, will be for wave 2 of Darkest Dungeon, i.e. non-English language versions and all expansions to the game outside of Crimson Court.

The status of Monsterpocalypse
The game is fully ready for printing, all printing files are ready, proofread, all figures are sculpted. However, the molds are not yet produced.

Monsterpocalypse® Board Game 
had an awesome campaign on Kickstarter, with over $1,3M pledged by over 6,3K backers! 
Thanks to our backers' support, an incredible amount of Monsters and Units have been unlocked, including the revival of Anglax!

This is a board game version of the classic skirmish game and aims to provide the same feeling as the original while making it more accessible and “ready to play straight out of the box”. 
Choose your side, either the Protectors or the Destroyers. 
lead your units into the city and hunt down your opponent, wreaking havoc to all that stand in your way!

Players take the role of different factions ranging from bizarre Alien Creatures to sophisticated Mega-Robots, fighting with 1-3 iconic Monsters under their control and a steady flow of smaller units to support them.

Use the cityscapes to your advantage; turn them into rubble by smashing your opponents into buildings, or draw power from energized locations! 

Roll the dice and activate your monsters' special abilities, using them to your maximum benefit to crush your opponent(s). Each attack can result in utter devastation! 
Toss your enemy across the doomed urban area or into buildings, stomp them into a pulp or swat them aside in one heavy blow. 
When no enemy monsters remain, you have won and the city is yours for the taking!

Lead your force to victory by defeating all the opposing Monsters!


If you have backed the Kickstarter campaign, the Pledge Manager is where you will finalize your pledge, provide your mailing address, and pay for shipping and any applicable taxes.

In your cart, you will find credits, equal to the amount that you paid during the KS campaign. 
You now need to complete the following steps:
1. Choose the pledge level that you want. It can be identical to the one you chose during the Kickstarter campaign or a different one. You will choose your game language here!
your phone number to provide to the courier
2. (Optional) Select any number of add-ons and additional pledges.
3. On the Check-out page, complete all your shipping details. Additionally please add your phone number, as we cannot ship items to you if we don’t have your phone number to provide to the courier. Your shipping costs will also be detailed on this page.
4. If the total cost of items in your cart exceeds the amount you pledged on Kickstarter (the credits that you see imported here), then you can pay the difference shown when you check out.

HEADS UP! Attention!

If you backed MonsterpocalypsBoard Game during the Kickstarter campaign, you unlocked the Free Mythic Building and Free Anglax as long as you pledged any of the following pledge levels DURING the KS campaign: Veteran, Smasher, Crusher, or Total Apocalypse pledge.

These models will accompany each game pledge you take in the pledge manager when that pledge is added to a QUALIFYING pledge that was made in the Kickstarter campaign.
For example, if you pledged for a Veteran pledge during the Kickstarter and grab the Veteran pledge and a Smasher pledge in your pledge manager, then you will get 2 Mythic HQ buildings and 2 Anglax monsters for free.

If you took a minion pledge during the Kickstarter campaign and then upgrade to a higher pledge level in the pledge manager, you would have to purchase the Mythic HQ or Anglax separately.

The Free Mythic Building and Free Anglax will be added to your order after the closure of the Pledge Manager. You will NOT be able to see the Free Mythic Building and Free Anglax in your cart during the Pledge Manager.

LATE PLEDGERS, Welcome to the Monpocalypse! let the Mayhem commence!

Welcome to the Monsterpocalypse® Board Game Late Pledge! 
Thanks for joining us in this Gamefound campaign and supporting this incredible game!

Why should you support Monsterpocalypse® Board Game now? 
You'll receive your game much sooner and with a deeper discount*! 

In comparison with the retail prices, you will save over $300 in the core box price alone, plus you will get all the unlocked Stretch Goals and access to the Kickstarter exclusive models!

So get your game now... it's
- CHEAPER ! Huge Discount compared to the current retail product range.
- FASTER ! All items delivered at once VS split in numerous boxes over a year and a half of retail releases.

All pledge levels and add-ons are at the same price as the Kickstarter campaign **

*The game is going to be available in retail and through general distribution, so make sure you ask your FLGS to contact us to order in the game!

**The Mythic Building and Anglax are NOT included for free in your late pledge, if you want to purchase them, you have to select them as an add-on.

Useful Links

If you want to have a better understanding of the game, and have access to the English and French rulebooks, then you can check the Kickstarter campaign here.

Towards the bottom of the campaign page, you will find preview and playthrough videos in different languages. If you select the Updates section, you can also find our news and Kickstarter updates for the project (the Updates published after this Pledge Manager went live, not the initial Kickstarter campaign ones).

Also, if you want to join our community of gamers and be part of the Monsterpocalypse® Facebook Group, then make sure you join our community here.

And of course, if you want to demo the game online for FREE, then check the game out on Tabletopia!

We've added more add-ons that were not available during the KS campaign. To find those, make sure to check the “New Addons” section on your left-hand side of the project page.

You will find elements such as Neoprene Dashboards or Mat, Sleeve bundles, paint wash options for the models in your pledges, and more!
In addition, for those of you who enjoy a hardcore competitive environment, you will find additional Building and Unit add-ons, marked as Hardcore Add-ons!


Please note that the information which was displayed during the KS campaign was shipping estimates, as the pricing was not finalized with our distribution hubs. Shipping was NOT charged during the KS campaign, this is why when you checked out of the KS campaign, it appeared as $0.00. 
You will have to pay for the shipping charges in this pledge manager, based on the delivery address you enter. We have tried our best to provide the best possible quotes and we are utilizing multiple distribution hubs for fulfillment.

Shipping in the USA, European Union, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom is customs friendly, meaning you will not have to pay customs duty when you receive your pledge. Backers from these countries will not pay import taxes. As we announced during the KS campaign, from this campaign and on we will be charging VAT during our Pledge Managers. We had previously been paying VAT by taking it off our margin, however the current situation with increased ocean freight and cost of materials have made it impossible to maintain a healthy margin without charging extra. We are trying to maintain the cost of our games and shipping at a reasonable level, without transferring the increase in cost (which can be as high as 5x) to our valued backers, which leaves us only with the option of charging VAT. This is not a decision we are taking lightly and we thank you for your understanding.

VAT is calculated for countries that are part of the European Union or the UK after you add all items in your cart and checkout. For the VAT % please advise the table below.

For the rest of the world, you could be asked to pay for import fees and/ or VAT based on your country's regulations.

USA : Your pledge will be shipped within the USA. You will not be charged with sales tax during the Pledge Manager, you will NOT pay any import fees

Canada : Your pledge will be shipped from within Canada. You will NOT be charged GST.

EU/ UK : Please see table above for VAT. Your pledge will be shipped from within the EU for the EU countries and within the UK for everyone in the UK. You will NOT pay any import taxes or VAT at the time of the delivery.

Australia/ N. Zealand : Your pledge will be shipped from Australia. You will NOT be charged GST

Asia : Your pledge will be shipped from VFI Asia and fulfilled from local distributors within your region. Please consult your local tax authorities to determine any tax liability for getting your pledges.

Important note : From now on we will not be able to split up orders in multiple locations, or change addresses in different countries after the closure of the Pledge Manager, as this will have an impact of the VAT that you pay. In order to avoid confusion, we will be shipping to the location that you designated during the Pledge Manager, but it can be to a different address within the same region (as long as VAT charges remain the same). We allow of a maximum of 1 delivery location per backer, regardless of the number of pledges that have been ordered.

The estimated shipping date for the game is November 2022. However, there are factors that we do not have any control over, such as the Covid-19 pandemic that we cannot predict and could affect the delivery date. Shipping information, as well as overall news on the game development and production timeline, is provided every other Wednesday on our Kickstarter campaign page, as well as our Newscast on YouTube. Make sure to check either of those, as you will not receive an email update if you are a Late Pledger.

If you have questions, please send us an email at :
and we will be happy to assist you.

Note: As KSE, or Kickstarter Exclusives, are marked products that will not be available in retail. Mythic Games retains the right to continue to sell those on the Mythic Games website, as well as conventions. By pledging here you agree to the Risks and Challenges that are stated on our Kickstarter campaign page.