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Project overview

Enchanters, first launched on Kickstarter in 2017, was an instant hit and an acclaimed game, thanks to its clever card drafting system. Two popular expansions followed and Enchanters is now back with a new expansion, East Quest, a French version and a new team consisting of original publisher Gindi and Mythic Games.
Welcome to the pledge manager and late pledge for Enchanters: East Quest. If you are a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, then this is where you will finalise your pledge, provide your mailing address, and pay for shipping. You can select any number of add-ons and additional pledges as well. If this exceeds the amount you pledged on Kickstarter then you can pay the difference here on the pledge manager.
This is also your last chance as a late pledger to support this amazing and acclaimed fantasy card game. This Late Pledge of Enchanters will get you access to all of the Stretch Goals of a Kickstarter supporter FOR FREE. Note that Stretch Goals depend on the Pledge Level you choose. You will also have access to the same pledge levels and add-ons as Kickstarter backers. You can check out the Kickstarter page here, where you can find playthrough videos and our weekly updates.
This pledge manager/late pledge introduces 4 new add-ons. The first one is the Veteran Sleeve Pack, which is a set of enough sleeves to protect all cards from your Veteran or Veteran+ pledge. The second one is the Ultimate Sleeve Pack, a set of enough sleeves to protect all cards your your Ultimate pledge.
The third one is the Wound Deck, an exclusive promotional card deck that was free during the Kickstarter campaign and forces you to replace 10 wounds with one wound card, describing your wound and giving you game effects and restrictions. It is now on sale for a limited time for Late Pledgers and will never go to retail.
Finally, the Mythic Deck is an exclusive promotional 30 card deck that was free during the Kickstarter campaign and that is now on sale for a limited time for Late Pledgers. The Mythic Deck will never go to retail.
The Mythic Deck is a promotional and optional deck (made of 30 incredibly powerful Monsters) that represents the end of time that is about to happen. When the world ends the different universes collide and monsters from other realities enter the Enchanters world. 
At the beginning of the game, you randomly draw one card per player from the Mythic Deck, you show them to all players (so that they know what is coming), then shuffle them together and put them at the bottom of the Adventure deck. These monsters have very high stats and are very hard to beat but they give high rewards.

If you are a Kickstarter backer for Enchanters: East Quest and if you pledged at least $30 dollars, then you have been credited an extra $15 on this pledge manager that are automatically spent on your cart to give you this Mythic Deck. This Mythic Deck is blocked in your cart and cannot be refunded.
The Wound Deck is an optional and promotional deck that adds game restrictions when you are wounded. It is included in many current pledges but you might have missed it if you’re a returning backer or if your pledge doesn’t include it.
This is a set of enhanced 3D looking crystals. The set upgrades the green, yellow and blue tokens That you find in the core box. It consists of 30 x Green Crystals, 15 x Blue Crystals and 12 x Yellow crystals.

This is a great set not only for Enchanters, but for any game you want to pimp your components! 

Please note the following:
* These crystals have already been unlocked as a stretch goal, so 1 set will be included with all pledges
* The returning backers will receive a second set for free as announced during the KS. The set will be added after the closure of the PM from our customer service team. 


New Addons