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Project overview

Become the leader of a gang torn from the pages of the Cyberpunk Red RPG and fight fever-pitched battles or sweeping campaigns. Equip your gang, hire your mercs, and build your street cred to dominate the hellish rubble of the Combat Zone and emerge as the new master of the streets. 
Monster Fight Club, in partnership with R.Talsorian Games, has created a stunning line of plastic miniatures to represent the gangs, edgerunners, and personalities you can bring to battle on your tabletops. Each miniature is sculpted with unique character and attention to detail throughout the entire design process.
The Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone™ miniatures are high-quality plastic. We use a special plastic blend designed to hold the level of detail miniature hobbyists expect. We think they're a real joy to paint. The plastic also has just enough flex to be durable during gameplay, without damaging the fine details. 
The [RE]action™ System 
Characters have green, yellow, and red actions. Depending on what color action you're taking, you'll roll a different size die or move a different distance. As characters take wounds, their actions turn red - and the red action dice is only six-sided!
When characters are wounded, they don't just stand there and take it - they [Re]act! Counterattack, dodge, or use one of their special abilities. You don't last long in the Combat Zone if you just stand around getting shot!

The Characters
The characters' cards are the core of the Reaction system: they tell you how many actions that character has available, what their skills are, and what special abilities or gear they have.
When your characters take actions, they add their skills to their dice rolls, so the higher their skill, the more chance they have of success when taking an action that uses that skill.

When a character takes an action, they roll the color die that matches the action they just used: taking a green action?  Roll a twelve-sided Green Die. Taking a yellow action? Roll an eight-sided yellow die. The higher your roll, the greater your chance of your action succeeding (plus every roll has a chance of a Critical Success or Failure).

But it doesn't stop there - If your action successfully wounds your target, your target will have a chance to React, if they have any unspent actions. You can react and counterattack, dart away, or use one of their special abilities. If they counterattack, they must target the rival that wounded them.  Moving away after being wounded may prevent you from being wounded again before that character can act.

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