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Project overview

In the dusty sands of the water-less world that is our cursed earth, monsters roam free. They hold a secret, one that is known only to a few: these monsters are actually people. People who have sought too much power collecting objects imbued with the supernatural.  These cursed objects don’t offer their power freely and corrupt these people and twist them into horrific creatures. What will you do with this knowledge? Will you try to live a normal life raising barns, mining water, and fighting off bandits? Or will you chase these cursed creatures and take their power for your own? Or perhaps there is a middle ground, living the nomadic life of an outlaw and avoiding these monsters altogether?
The choice is yours in The Few and Cursed: Roleplaying Game…
The Few and Cursed: Roleplaying Game is a 2-6 player (best at 3-5) standalone supplement/expansion to Rock Manor Games' Maximum Apocalypse: RPG system based on the indie comic book of the same name. It focuses on a supernatural apocalypse that evaporates most of the water on earth. Players take on the roles of survivors, adventuring across the dangerous desert attempting to survive the many dangers that lurk around every corner. 

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