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Project overview

Acid House Terrain's Sci-Fi kit was funded twice on Kickstarter, and its success fueled the jump towards a fantasy set.

Players with little free time and scarce storage space also want to kill dragons and cast spells, so…here comes the Fantasy Edition!

This kit contains a high number of structures, making it suitable for both skirmish, storytelling or open field games.

- The great variety of buildings lets you play lots of different adventures.

- Take awesome pictures of all your battles. 

- Add verticality and interiors to your games.

- Embedded grid on buildings, optional grid on terrain tiles.

You can check out the project's video here:

Also, I strongly recommend visiting the project's campaign page on Kickstarter's here:


A few extra copies will be produced and put up for selling on the website. However, any box you get now is 20% cheaper than retail price.

Core Boxes