Project overview

Patria Libre recreates historical events in Mexico (New Spain) between 1810-1821. 
The Independence of Mexico synthesized in a game with order counters, event and character cards that appear chronologically in three phases, with a historical relationship, interacting with mechanics of order placement, area control and card collection. 
🎖  Immersion. In the game you will be either the insurgent side that wanted to be separate from Spain, or the royalist side that tried to prevent it. Your objective is to gain more victory points than the other side. To achieve this you must to control specific areas and key regions.
⭐   Originality. Although this war liberated most of North America, Mexican independence has not been covered in modern board games, so this would be the first modern game devoted to the subject.
⚙   We created innovative and flexible mechanics, where the orders tokens have different actions on their faces and throughout the game these actions alternate.
The mechanic 'Bivalent Order of Sequential Spin' (BOSS) is implemented in order tokens, with them you can recruit or move, attack or train your troops, collect taxes or clone an order, build a stronghold or buy event or character cards. When you pick up the orders tokens you flip them to their opposite side, changing each time the subsequent action you can use them for.
Attacks are easily resolved, but be careful, people may withdraw their support. When you attack, your opponent must immediately lower his strength by one level. Artillery becomes cavalry and cavalry becomes infantry.  If you attack a strength lower than yours you lose popularity levels equal to the difference between the forces.

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