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Project overview

Rise & Fall is a game involving strategic units positioning, territory control and opportunity seizing designed by Christophe Boelinger (Dungeon TwisterEarth RebornArchipelagoLiving Planet...). Each player leads a nation trying to expand and progress in a fantasy world. This world displays amazing landscapes where glaciers peaks, islands and huge cliffs are common challenges to overcome.
Rise & Fall is an immersive and engaging game, easy to understand yet hard to master, involving no luck nor randomness. The creation of the board is a real preamble to each game featuring a whole different world to explore eachtime.
New players will enjoy the game for its accessibility. Since all actions and units are displayed on six Civilisation cards, discover and learn the game as you go.
Veteran players will love the learning curve this game has to offer. Thanks to the variety of every available actions, you'll be lead to an intricate action planification each turn. 
Optimize your strategy and adapt to your opponent’s plans.

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