Project overview

Dutch Resistance: Orange Shall Overcome! is a cooperative pick-up and deliver game in which players assume the roles of real members of the Dutch Resistance during the final years of WWII. It is a scenario-based game, with each scenario focused on one of the things that the resistance was working on.
When setting up the game, you choose a particular scenario, with its own goals and special rules. These goals might include expanding a network, keeping people safe, or moving important items around. To win, all scenario goals must be achieved. There are 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, extreme), that define how the game gets set up.

During the game, you need to make sure your alibi is good, that morale stays high and that you keep every place safe so no raids will happen. This is not easy, as the occupiers that control many roads are moving around to try and find out who the resistance members are.

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