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Project overview

A game of compelling heroes and easy to understand rules.
Perilous is a dungeon crawling RPG about braving the dark depths because the long forgotten magic of the ancients could mean the difference between life and death for the people you care about. It uses a simple 20 sided die, plain language, and tag based mechanics to make telling stories with your friends effortless.
Play it your way, you don't need to find a GM to enjoy Perilous.
But Perilous is so much more than a traditional RPG. We've teamed up with Spenser Starke (the designer of Alice is Missing, Kids on Brooms, and Icarus) to bring you a one of a kind deck of cards that can run the game for you! Inspirational artwork paired with various prompts allow you to generate completely unique adventures with infinite replayability.
Encounters feel more like puzzles than battles of attrition.
Fighting enemies and facing dangers in Perilous is about finding clever solutions to unique problems rather than whittling away hit points. Each challenge you come up against is a collection of short descriptions that cover anything from the defenses an enemy has to the hazardous terrain you have to worry about. When you can't solve a problem right away, start building up advantages and creating openings until you can! If you want to learn more about the game, you can download a preview of the rules and check it out for yourself.
Freeform character creation lets you create totally unique character ideas.
Making a character in Perilous is both fast and incredibly fun, all you have to do is select the three aspects that define your character. Choose from categories such as your skills, signature equipment, spells, and personality to quickly create an interesting character ready to explore the world. The freeform character creation allows you to mix and match just the right talents and magical abilities for exactly the character you have in mind!

Best of all, you don't need a GM to play Perilous!
While the core game can be played with a single person acting as the GM and creating the challenges and twists the players face, Perilous also includes a deck of beautifully illustrated cards that allows the game to be played without a GM or work as a tool for those that want to cut down on prep!
Each player will have a set of cards in their hand with evocative images, a prompt, and a handful of tags. Scene cards set up dramatic moments by asking questions that add complications to the adventure. Anyone at the table can use the images on their cards as inspiration to answer the question. Each card then has it's own question that the other players get to answer and add even more details to the scene! Once every player has played a card you select which tags best represent the challenges you're facing and play as normal.