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Project overview

Explore the moons of Saturn. Exploit the galactic resources. Expand your influence in the far reaches of space!
Ion Game Design presents their new board game Dawn on Titan!

In a not very distant future, corporations fight over control of space. As you wage war against your fierce competition by exploring and exploiting the moons and asteroids in the outer parts of the solar system, you will need to maneuver your fleet of spaceships through violent electrical currents to collect the resources you need to build mines and factories. Will you use the gravity of the planets to strike your enemy, or will you upgrade your spaceship's capacity and weaponry in your factories to aid you in your quest to be the master of venture in deep dark space? There are multiple paths to victory… whatever path you choose, you must carefully plan your moves to outwit your opponents!

Ion Game Design presents Dawn on Titan, a short, light wargame with asymmetrical winning conditions and a modular board that increases replayability, suitable for the whole family!

Number of players: 1 to 4 players.
Time: approximately 15 min per player.
Age: 10+

Game designer: Björn Ekenberg
Artwork: Madeleine Fjäll 

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