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Project overview

Your last chance to support the biggest surprise of Kickstarter 2019!

Three years in development, Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is our largest project to date. In a nutshell, it’s an epic 1-4 player massive campaign game of adventures, exploration, base building and fierce tactical battles with giant monsters. It’s a fully co-operative, choice-driven boardgame played over multiple sessions, with over 200 hours worth of unique game content (1500+ cards!), a novel’s worth of narrative and a slew of awesome miniatures (some almost 6 inches tall!).
What makes Aeon Trespass unique?
* You are an Argonaut in control of a massive 30-foot Titan fighting against the monstrous Primordials and impossible odds, to make the World right again.
* Three distinct interconnected gameplay loops: adventures, strategy and battles.
* Battles use the Inverted Combat Paradigm system, the closer you are to death, the more powerful you become!
* Same goes for your enemies, who escalate during Battles and evolve outside of them!
* Upgrade your base of operations, the mighty ship Argo, develop new technologies, craft new gear and weapons, gather resources, make alliances and go on adventures!  
* A deep narrative with tough choices that have a meaningful impact on the game and its ending.
* Alternative branches in the storyline and light legacy mechanics keep the game fresh and replayable!
* Three major campaigns in one box!
* 200+ hours of unique game content.

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is not coming to retail. Late Pledge is your last chance to get the game at a discounted price! To make a Late Pledge, simply add any product from the Pledges category to your cart. Then, add any Expansions, Add-ons and Collector’s items you’re interested in – and proceed to checkout!
The game will be delivered in two waves. Wave 1 is scheduled to ship approximately in Q1 2022 and will contain the Core Box of the game, as most of the Add-ons and the Titan Expansions. Wave 2 includes both major campaign Expansions and the Luxury Map Tiles Expansion II. It is currently scheduled for Q4 2022.

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